Why a Pippy bed?

Handmade from natural materials like latex, eco-friendly paints, organic fabric and FSC approved wood.
Not only are we are minimizing the damaging effect on the planet we are also reducing the damaging effects on your dog’s health.
Did you know that nearly all of the big brands sell chemically made dog beds? They have some extremely proven harmful chemicals added to each and every bed.

Ashamed of your dog bed?

Do you hide it when you have guests? Well, don’t worry we have also kept in mind that they need to blend in with your decor, look the part, be sassy and not an eyesore.  We have designed and created lots of different styles. Adding more and more Pippy designs to the collection as we go.

The Toxic Truth

Dogs can spend hours and hours chilling in their beds without a care in the world. Little do we know that they are breathing in these toxins like Formaldehyde, Isocyanates or even Benzene.

The solution

We need to provide them with the very best and nothing less. We have made our products safe for your pets,  and safe for our environment. The materials we use are eco-friendly and natural. We wouldn’t use anything else.
We strongly think that our beloved dogs should NOT sleep and breathe any harmful chemicals.