About Us

We are an exciting up and coming unique company devoted solely to the health of every pet in the UK.

All our products are designed, handmade and delivered by us.

Our main and most important priority is your pet’s health, its top of the list for sure!

Our materials are selected because they are free from toxins and don’t damage your pet’s health.

We are sound believers in looking after our planet, using materials that don’t damage our planet and that are eco-friendly. Our products will last so no need to keep replacing them and creating more waste.

Pippys Furniture is dedicated to our late Jack Russell “Pippy” who gave us inspiration for the importance of looking after our pets and giving them the best chance in life to live long and happy.

We are extremely concerned over products being sold to pet owners every day up and down the country, that could be damaging your pet’s health without us even knowing.

For the small number of products that we sell we are very happy that some dogs are getting a healthy bed, they can sleep, play and relax in, without breathing in any harmful toxins. Not only dogs benefit from our Pippy beds, but we also do to.

Did you know that a dog’s bed can omit toxins to us humans, as well?

We want to get the word out, even if you don’t purchase a dog bed, or perhaps you don’t even have a dog.

The best way for us to improve our website, products and customer services is to listen, acknowledge and act. We welcome feedback good or bad after all, honesty is the best policy..

Handmade dog beds