Best Dog Beds For Old Dogs With Arthritis

Beds on the market for old dogs with arthritis isn’t always as it seems.

Dogs that are suffering from arthritis are usually old. Arthritis is and can be extremely painful for dogs. They have trouble walking and getting comfortable at night. Therefore, a dog bed is extremely important for your older dog in his or her last years. Since they tend to spend a lot more time in their beds relaxing and sleeping.

an old dog called Pippy
Pippy our Jack Russell

Memory foam is best for dogs with arthritis

Did you know that when choosing a dog bed for dogs with arthritis they are best suited to memory foam? The memory foam protects the joints and balances the weight of certain areas releasing pressure off the bones.

In the early part of 2018, I was looking for a dog bed for my old dog, his name was Pippy, he was a Jack Russell. A lovely dog with not the best starts in life although he lived a happy life with me for over 9 years and reached the age of 16.

I wanted to treat him and make him comfortable in his older days, he had mobility issues and wanted to sleep most of the day. I often would carry him from room to room as he always wanted to be around me.

So, the search began for a dog bed a bed that would make him feel comfortable, a bed he can chill in and ease his bones. I stumbled across a lovely orthopaedic bed, looked good, was of a good size, and was around 50 pounds. Before I placed the order, I just wanted to find out what exactly is this memory foam and how is it made.

What I discovered next shocked me

I was in shock the process for making memory foam was man-made using toxic chemicals. I studied for days and looked up a lot of information on it. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. The number of harmful chemicals that made up this amazing looking dog bed. These companies making the dog beds have been cashing in on these products with no care in the world for your dog. Apparently can cause so many different problems. For Pippy it was not worth the risk he was old, his lungs just wouldn’t take breathing in the toxins, his skin was already sensitive. I took the important decision not to purchase the dog bed.

list of chemicals used in memory foam
Chemicals used in man-made memory foam

It’s an extremely sad fact that cheap memory foam is poisoning your dog. As a dog owner, you think you’re getting your dog the best dog bed for them. However, the standard memory foam is full of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and naphthalene.

Symptoms your dog could have of exposure to the chemicals

Lst of symptoms of exposure to the chemicals
Symptoms of exposure to the chemicals

The dog bed didn’t exist on the market

What I needed for Pippy was a natural dog bed, a dog bed that he can sleep in and chill in his old days and help with his arthritis, also, without breathing in nasty chemicals.

Text reads - 99% of orthopaedic dog beds are made in China and are sent over unregulated.
Bad dog beds from China

I searched and I searched, but I never managed to find a natural chemical-free dog bed.

Pippy, unfortunately, passed away on Feb 2019.

Pippy our jack russell dog

Natural Latex memory foam

I was still shocked even a year later. So, shocked I wanted to help dogs and provide a safe natural chemical-free dog bed. After several months of research, I discovered a similar product that looked and felt the same as the standard man-made memory foam. Called Latex! It feels and has the same benefits as the man-made memory foam without the nasty chemicals. Latex is harvested from the rubber tree. Its natural process, chemical-free and its resistant to dust, mould, mildew and it is hypoallergenic.

Pippys Furniture was born

In June 2019 I would dedicate my designs to Pippy. 

We are currently busy working hard in our workshop and creating the products and putting the last things in place. We hope to get our safe chemical-free UK made dog beds available to buy from Jan 2020.

Spread the word, tell the world

At Pippy’s Furniture, we are determined to spread the word will you help us?

Please don’t just go out and buy any old Orthopaedic dog bed. You could potentially shorten your dog’s life!

Thank you for reading this we all need to spread the word. Share any of these images below on your social media, you don’t need to reference us. We just want to get the word out there and let dog owners know the risks involved when choosing a dog bed for your beloved pet.

Share these risks of memory foam
Share these risks of memory foam
Dog owners be aware
Share me to other dogs owners

From one dog lover to another – Good Luck Teresa


  1. Heather Robbins 12/10/2019 Reply

    Any chance I could purchase a bed before January 2020? I can’t find a decent organic dog bed anywhere!

    • Pippy 16/10/2019 Reply

      We still working very hard on our designs. Hello@pippysfurniture.co.uk contact us with your details and we can let you know as soon as ready. I completely understand your frustrations I also was in the same position.

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